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Photographing Weddings for Fun, Loving and Adventurous Couples, while Investing in your Relationship with Intentional and Authentic Imagery.


A Long Island wedding photographer capturing humanity for fun, loving, and adventure seeking couples.

Every couple shares a unique story. When you invest in your love story and your values, you are truly defining your relationship. 

Creating authentic joy in a warm atmosphere ensures that you are at your most comfortable with me and with each other.

My goal is to truly invest in your personal relationships and your friendships.

I believe, that people are what matter the most. 

Hey there, 

My Story

I am Jeannine Lombardo

My Faves

I believe if my New York family wasn’t so important I would live each day on the California Boardwalks.

Did you know that therapy is a real thing? I can tell you from experience. I wish I had as much to write down as I believe I do when I enter the Target notebook aisle. My mental health days include a great country song, the windows down and the sand on my truck tires. I might be a grandma, but my current dream is to build a front porch with rocking chairs, where I can read my books with paper pages. I suggest you don’t leave me alone in a room with Domino’s cheesy bread, that is if you expected to taste a piece. When I am not obsessing over my son who happens to be covered in fur and weighs 95lbs,
I am living for mimosas and breakfast with the ladies.
I might whip up some spontaneous cookie dough, but expect me to only bake half of it.

I believe rainy days and sweatpants should happen a little more often. My ideal down time includes a hot bath and tea.

Live your life for your own happiness, that is how you your time in this world the best it can be. 

My Story

Driving my truck '"Rosie" the Ram

mental health days on the beach with my son

cruising the atlantic ocean with richie

Exploring the little wonders of this world

Summer country concerts with friends


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Meet Jeannine Lombardo

I was a little girl who came from a broken family.

Growing up in my own household, marriage was something that was hard for me to understand.

But, I have also had the opportunity to spend 27 years of my life witnessing
my grandparents celebrate almost 60 years of marriage.

They have created the value in what true love should be.
My goal as a wedding photographer is to encourage happy and healthy relationships.

A relationship like my grandparents have taught me.

Authentic love and valued relationships are truly what is most important.

I give couples the opportunity to show that love can be amazing, warming and a one-of-a-kind lifelong adventure.



Wedding Venues


long island

Visit some of the most elegant wedding venues on Long Island. From water front views, to willow estates,
and giraffe experiences, each venue provides a custom unique experience that every bride is searching for. 

Starting at $600

The first time you see all of your memories will be in print. I believe in the nostalgia of a story in a real book. This is going to be your lifelong legacy preserved as your own family heirloom to share for generations. 


Starting at $3,900

My approach for each of my couples is to invest in their relationship using intentional and authentic imagery. I build personal relationships to ensure you feel comfortable in front of the camera while creating candid joy that will last a life time.

The wedding

Starting at $699.00

I believe engagement pictures should be more than just a pretty dress in an open field. My goal is to capture the values that you truly represent in your relationship. I want your engagement images to tell your true story and what makes you unique. 




Jamie and joe

"Seriously, one of the best photographers around!"

Her photography style was everything we dreamt of. From our first meeting, to our engagement shoot, to our wedding day, Jeannine was easy to work with, helpful with posing and heard my voice to get the perfect photos we hoped for. I can't recommend her enough...seriously, one of the best photographers around! She is the sweetest person and has so much passion for her work - which truly shows in her photos. Jeannine is a pleasure to work with and so easy to talk to! Our pictures came out AMAZING and I couldn't thank her enough for capturing such beautiful and memorable moments. 

October 2020

"I would hire her a million times and you should too."

Stephani and Ryan

I’m not sure where to even begin with Jeannine.
She is a real class act in this industry. We booked her for our wedding and our engagement shoot.
She was an absolute pleasure to work with.
She’s so organized and personal in everything she does.
I would hire her a million times and you should too.

December 2020

I honestly felt like
Jeannine had become a friend.

kayla and jack

I honestly felt like Jeannine had become a friend during the process, she’s very personable. When the wedding gallery was ready she invites you to her home office for a “reveal.” It’s a really unique and nice experience, she has her whole office lined up with your photos and takes you on a little trip back to your big day via a slideshow. It's a really nice way to feel the feels of the day again rather than just being sent digital images! I cannot recommend Jeannine enough!

December 2020

"Jeannine made my husband and I feel like our wedding truly mattered."

Kayla and Tommy

How do I even begin to describe how WONDERFUL Jeannine is. Right from day one, Jeannine made my husband and I feel like family and like our wedding truly mattered to her. She was in constant contact with us making sure that every single detail was perfect. Jeannine was so easy to work with. She got along famously with our guests, and the day could not have run more smooth. Seriously, I have NEVER seen family formals go more smoothly than they did on my wedding day. And on top of all of this, let's talk about THE PICTURES. We originally fell in love with Jeannine's work because of her natural lighting and more relaxed look photos (nothing too forced or cheesy). The only word I have to describe them is STUNNING. They are everything I've ever envisioned my wedding photos to be and so much more. I can promise you that if you book Jeannine as your photographer, you will NOT be disappointed!!!

October 2020

"Jeannine made us feel comfortable and natural."


Jeannine captured every detail, big and small, and honored every request we had. She made us feel comfortable and natural. She was courteous, respectful, and allowed for us to have a natural flow of chemistry always! Not only did we think so highly of her work and caring nature, but our families, extended families and friends raved about her kindness and professionalism as she made everyone feel important on our special day.

Our pictures were perfect!

May 2019

Paige and Brett

"To describe Jeannine in one word...Wow."

Her photography style was everything we dreamt of. From our first meeting, to our engagement shoot, to our wedding day, Jeannine was easy to work with, helpful with posing and heard my voice to get the perfect photos we hoped for. I can't recommend her enough...seriously, one of the best photographers around!

September 2019

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