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Photographing Weddings for Fun, Loving and Adventurous Couples, while Investing in your Relationship with Intentional and Authentic Imagery.


A Long Island wedding photographer capturing humanity for fun, loving, and adventure seeking couples.

Every couple shares a unique story. When you invest in your love story and your values, you are truly defining your relationship. 

Creating authentic joy in a warm atmosphere ensures that you are at your most comfortable with me and with each other.

My goal is to truly invest in your personal relationships and your friendships.

I believe, that people are what matter the most. 

Hey there, 

My Story

I am Jeannine Lombardo

My Faves

I believe if my New York family wasn’t so important I would live each day on a Farm in Georgia.

I wish I had as much to write down as I believe I do when I enter the Target notebook aisle.
My mental health days include a great country song, the windows down and sand on my skin.

I might be a grandma, but my current dream is to build a front porch with rocking chairs, where I can read my books with paper pages. I suggest you don’t leave me alone in a room with Domino’s cheesy bread, that is if you expected to taste a piece.When I am not obsessing over my son and two fur babies
I am living for mimosas and breakfast with the ladies.
I might whip up some spontaneous cookie dough, but expect me to only bake half of it.

I believe rainy days and sweatpants should happen a little more often. My ideal down time includes a hot bath and tea.

Live your life for your own happiness, that is how you your time in this world the best it can be. 

My Story


mental health days on the beach with my Two Pups

cruising the atlantic ocean with my Family

Exploring the little wonders of this world

Summer country concerts with friends


My Favorites

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Meet Jeannine Lombardo

I was a little girl who came from a broken family.

Growing up in my own household, marriage was something that was hard for me to understand.

But, I have also had the opportunity to spend 27 years of my life witnessing
my grandparents celebrate 60 years of marriage and counting.

They have created the value in what true love should be.
My goal as a wedding photographer is to encourage happy and healthy relationships.

A relationship like my grandparents have taught me.

Authentic love and valued relationships are truly what is most important.

I give couples the opportunity to show that love can be amazing, warming and a one-of-a-kind lifelong adventure.



Wedding Venues


long island

Visit some of the most elegant wedding venues on Long Island.
Each venue provides a custom unique experience that every bride is searching for. 

Starting at $600

The first time you see all of your memories will be in print. I believe in the nostalgia of a story in a real book. This is going to be your lifelong legacy preserved as your own family heirloom to share for generations. 


Starting at $3,900

My approach for each of my couples is to invest in their relationship using intentional and authentic imagery. I build personal relationships to ensure you feel comfortable in front of the camera while creating candid joy that will last a life time.

The wedding

Starting at $699.00

I believe engagement pictures should be more than just a pretty dress in an open field. My goal is to capture the values that you truly represent in your relationship. I want your engagement images to tell your true story and what makes you unique. 




Alison and dan

" From the moment we booked Jeannine,
my husband and I felt at ease."

 From the moment we booked Jeannine, my husband and I felt at ease. She is thorough, organized, transparent, enthusiastic, genuine, and so reassuring every step of the way. I'm not someone who enjoys getting their picture taken, and Jeannine not only made the whole process seamless but fun, too! 

November  2022

"She made everything seamless and enjoyable!"

Cathy and Serge

Jeannine is organized and didn’t miss a detail from the whole planning process. As a person who didn’t know a lot about planning, Jeannine made everything a breeze and stress free. My husband and I are not good at taking pictures but she made us feel comfortable and our pictures came out so amazing ! She really made a point to get all the pictures we had asked for that day. She made everything seamless and enjoyable !

August 2022

 I am so thankful that I was able to have
Jeannine as our photographer for our wedding. 

Katie and ryan

If you want your wedding photos to be amazing and have a seamless day, then you need to book Jeannine. She is truly amazing and everything was beyond perfect on our wedding day! She is very organized, diligent, and super easy to work with. Her creativity will surely make your day something you will remember forever. I am so thankful that I was able to have her as our photographer for our wedding. 

October 2022

"You can put your trust in her to get everything done day of!"

Colleen and peter

Jeannine is truly the best! From our first meeting to our engagement shoot to our wedding day I couldn't have asked for better. After our engagement shoot I have gotten flooded with compliments about our photos and how amazing she captures everything so beautifully! She is very organized and makes you feel so comfortable. You can put your trust in her to get everything done day of!

November 2022

"We’ve had so many people comment on our photos
about how beautiful they are.."


I think I can speak for myself and my husband when I say Jeannine absolutely exceeded our expectations of a wedding photographer. She goes above and beyond to be way more than just a photographer. You can tell that she truly loves that she does, and it makes you feel so at ease and comfortable.

We’ve had so many people comment on our photos about how beautiful they are. I recommend Jeannine to everyone I know getting married now!

September 2022


"We've gotten so many compliments just
on the sneak peek photos!"

Jeannine is the absolute best! The day of our wedding she was fantastic. We were running around the streets of NYC on a hot August day, and Jeannine was able to get amazing shots - all while dodging traffic, wrangling together a distracted bridal party, and making the day fun as well! We've gotten so many compliments just on the sneak peek photos, and we had an absolute blast taking them! During the lead up to the wedding Jeannine was also fantastic. She is extremely organized and professional, fantastic at communicating and responding, and every time we met with her we left the meeting feeling confident and worry free.

August 2022

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