Robert Moses Engagement Session- Mackenzie and Brian

April 17, 2020

Mackenzie and Brian have had a very busy year. Brian just started a new job in North Carolina. While starting a new job and moving to a new state, Brian and Mackenzie are also planning a New York wedding from 500 miles away. Although this would be stressful for anyone, Mackenzie is doing an amazing job.

Brian and Mackenzie flew back home for their engagement session. With having only one day to shoot their engagement, the weather was calling for rain. Since we were not going to be able to reschedule, we decided to start their engagement session a little earlier than usual. This happened to be a great decision, because half way through, thick fog started to roll in off the Ocean. We had fun and created some really cool images, but at one point the fog was so thick, I could hardly see Brian and Mackenzie standing directly in front of me.

I kept telling them I have never photographed in more bizarre weather, because right after finished our session and we left the beach, the fog cleared and we had the most amazing sunset of the entire summer. I am so excited to work with Brian and Mackenzie. They are a sweet and loving couple. They have a beautiful location picked for their wedding day. I cannot wait to capture Mackenzie in her beautiful wedding gown from Sayville Bridal.

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