A Wedding Full of Love- Maria and Chris

May 4, 2020

After being a part of so many weddings, I have found a closer bond to the meaning of family. Maria and Chris took their vows in the elegant room at The Milleridge Inn. They were accompanied and supported by their siblings and closest friends. As little girls, we all dream about the moment our moms will zip us into our wedding gowns or our first dance with our fathers as a wife. 

Chris and Maria, although surrounded by so much love, shared in an emotional wedding day. Chris lost his father at a young age, but was sure that he was looking down on him from above as he became a husband. Both Maria’s parents had to move back to Ecuador and were unable to attend their wedding. But, the best part of being in the world we live in today, is the advancement of technology. Although they were not physically present, Maria’s family live streamed the entire wedding day, so that her mother could witness her daughter’s wedding. 

Sometimes life is not always fair and we have to do the best we can at the time. Maria took on the responsibility of raising her younger brothers alone in a different country at a young age. As much as it would have meant the world to both Maria and Chris to have their parents at their wedding, their friends and siblings made sure to fill the void. They all gave truly heartwarming speeches about the

amazing people Maria and Chris have become. Maria’s brothers thanked her for dedicating her life to them at such a young age while taking turns to share a first dance with her. 

The weather for Maria and Chirs wedding was less than ideal. It rained the entire day. But, although it was important for them to have their wedding pictures, it was more important that they join together with their family to celebrate their love together. We had to take all of their pictures inside on their special day. But, I am in love with how bright and beautiful the room was that we had to work with. 

Maria and Chris are currently visiting Maria’s parents in Ecuador for their honeymoon. I am so excited to share this post with them while they are visiting, so Maria can live the memories of her day, side by side with her mom. 

A Special Thank You to the Creative Team:
Lead Photographer: Jeannine Lombardo Photography
Second Photographer: Christina Tooly
Venue: The Milleridge Inn
Florist: Bloominous
Videographer: NST Pictures
DJ: Sonic Boom Productions
Dress Shop: Sayville Bridal
Hair Artist: Alexis Brianna
Make Up Artist: Bobby MUA

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