Posing for your Engagement Session

May 4, 2020

The most common comment I get at the end of an engagement session is, “Wow, that wasn’t what I expected.”I think most people don’t know what to expect, because you have most likely never been professionally photographed before. Everything new is scary. You don’t know what it is going to feel like, or if you will even be good at it. People assume that walking into a photo shoot they are going to feel extremely awkward. And yes, for the most part, in the beginning you will.

My goal is to eliminate that fear as quickly as possible. I know every person has had that what do I do with my arms moment. Which is why I walk into every engagement session with a posing system that’s so easy, every couple will feel comfortable right away. I walk you through a few of the basics right in the beginning. I tell every couple that the first 20 minutes are when you always feel the most insecure, but then when you realize this is easy breezy, the real you starts to come out.

The second you start feeling great and encouraged, like YES, you can do it, that is when we start having fun.

My approach during every posing moment is to capture who you are as a couple and an individual. The best part about that is, every single one of my couples is unique. I use your personalities to have fun on camera. I keep you consistently moving on camera, that way you never have time to go back to that oh no am I doing this wrong moment. There is never a wrong way to do this.

The best part about keeping you two moving, is that now I have the opportunity to capture those real genuine moments on camera and your authentic smiles. I take each of those basic poses I taught you in the beginning and then build on them. We make things silly and fun. This is the key to creating those candid moments that you love in imagery. Whether it is walking ,running, tickling, or kissing, each memory is being captured in an authentic way.

You two are going to be great at this. This isn’t supposed to stress you out. It is meant to be fun and memorable. You only have a fiance’ for a short period of time. Enjoy this time together and have fun with it. Like I said earlier, there is no way that you could possibly mess this up. I am there to help you from start to finish.

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