Covid-19 and Your Wedding Day

May 18, 2020

As each day goes by, we think we might be one step closer to reopening as a country. We are realizing that idea simply is not true. Unfortunately,  the state of New York has again extended their Stay at Home Order. Although we know everyone is doing their best to get us back to normal in healthy and safe conditions, it is still normal to feel frustrated. 

So what does this mean for you and your wedding day? 

The hardest part of this entire pandemic, is the uncertainty. Many brides and families have been reaching out to me for guidance, as well as questioning themselves on whether or not to postpone their wedding date. Unfortunately, I am just as uncertain as you are as to when this will actually be over. 

I did want to share with you some personal advice to help guide you in the best direction I can and give you a few options you might have consider for your wedding. 

Create a Back-up Plan:

Even if you feel that your wedding date is still safe or months away, the truth is, we just don’t know how long this will actually go on for, or if we will be able to go back to full normal this year. It is always better to make a plan just in case. I would reach out to your venue and ask them how they are handling the pandemic. Each venue is doing things differently. It really depends on their contracts with you. Some venues are allowing brides to have a soft hold for a potential “back-up” date, while other venues are taking it week by week and charging an additional fee to hold a date for the 2021 season. You also should keep in mind that 2021 brides are starting to book and book faster than usual, because they know that dates are starting to become limited for them as well. I want you to have the wedding day you have always planned during the season you booked for. 

Talk to your Vendors:

Keep your vendors in the loop. They are doing their best to reschedule as many weddings as possible without conflicting dates. Reach out to them and ask them for a list of potential dates they have available before choosing a backup date with your venue. You never know, there might be a backup date that works perfect for everyone. You have spent so much time and invested a lot of money booking the best wedding team you could find. You wouldn’t want to lose one of them. Ask your vendors what your options are with them as well. Again, every business is different, but they all have your best interest at heart. 

Elopements, Macro Weddings and Pop Ups:

Although all of my spring and summer weddings have been postponed, I have a few couples who are determined to get married no matter what! And they are getting creative. I know this is not what you planned, or always dreamed of, but it is still a great option to move forward with your marriage this year. I have couples who are planning small elopements either in their backyard or at a new destination location. This way, they can keep their original wedding date and say I do as planned and celebrate with friends and family at a later time. I have also had a few couples plan a Macro wedding, which is very similar to an elopement, but with a limited number of guests involved as well. Typically up to 10 guests. Lastly, some venues are starting to offer Pop Up Wedding packages. This is allowing you to host a very small wedding of 50 people or less. They are including the ceremony and a few cocktails and food. There will not be dance floors allowed at these pop up events. Of course this is all following the CDC guidelines and after the stay at home order has been lifted. If you chose to go with one of these options, reach out to your vendors and see if they can help you as well. Remember, this is still the official day you two will be getting married. It is just as important to document, if not more. Being that your friends and family can’t be as involved as they want to be, let them share in your joy through photo and video. I am offering additional add ons to current collections so my brides can have me there document both dates for them. Reach out to me if this is something you are considering and I will be happy to share the details with you. 

Be kind to yourself:

This is a pandemic. Everyone is going through the same thing and our emotions are all over the place. Take a breath. I know this, in plain English, sucks! Unfortunately, it is out of our control. We are human. We are allowed to be sad and angry. We are allowed to feel anxiety and stress. I am here with you as well. My emotions are all over the place. I was supposed to be attending my brother’s wedding tomorrow and instead of preparing for that, I am writing a blog to help walk you through your wedding day during this hard situation. I have found that what is helping me the most has been to talk out my fears with someone I love. I have also been trying to keep busy with things that I know make me happy. Think of something you can do at home right now that you truly enjoy and try to eliminate some of that stress. 

I am here for all of you. Know that my heart is just as sad for you as you are to have to postpone your wedding day. I am a resource that is here to help. The wedding industry has been working together. We are doing our best to learn how to adapt to these new circumstances and keep all of you as happy as possible. Ask me any questions that you have and I will do my best to help walk you through your options. 

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