A Planting Fields Engagement Session

August 11, 2020

Dynamic, adoring, and genuine. These are the words that I think of when it comes to Jess and Zach’s relationship and their killer personalities. These two can light up a room with their joy and excitement not only for each other, but while talking about their wedding plans too! 

Zach, Jess and I bonded over a cup of coffee last winter. You know, when drinking coffee in public places was still a thing. They told me all about their relationship and how they met. They also talked about their unique obsession with Trader Joes and I totally get it, because this girl is totally obsessed with Target. I tried to convince them to do a Trader Joe’s engagement session, but I am so happy that they decided against that! I mean look at all of these gorgeous images. Instead we went to Planting Felids Arboretum and they did not disappoint. Our main goal was to catch the rose garden right when the roses began to bloom! 

Jess and Zach’s engagement session was my very first session back after our global shut down. I was so and I mean so excited to be back to shooting and they were just as exciting to get out and do something positive, exciting and wedding related!

I love the relationship that these two share with one another. They really do light up each other’s worlds. Congratulations on your engagement.

Next Fourth of July is going to be one amazing party at Stonebridge Country Club! I am really looking forward to capturing your love and joy all at once!

Let those fire works sparkle!

Location: Planting Fields Arboretum 

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