Maternity Picutres

A Long Island Maternity Session

August 18, 2020

I love what I do. I will admit that to anyone who asks. I have the opportunity to work with couples from the very beginning of their story. I capture their memories as a growing family. Before they become a wife, before they become a mom, and before they become a mom of two. Maybe eventually as we grow together I will be by their side as they send their babies down the aisle too. 

The fist time I met Lily and Florence was for their first pregnancy with little Myles. We did a beautiful summer maternity session in 2018. 

Lily and Florence are extending their family by one this year. Not only did I get to meet Myles in person, but I was able to capture this exciting time in his life. Myles is about to become a big brother. Myles is full of energy and curiosity. He loves walking in the grass and exploring the small things around him. As you might guess, he wasn’t very excited about taking pictures for a long time, as most two year olds wouldn’t be. We took the time to do what he wanted to do as he explored Blydenburgh Park. As a bonus, we made beautiful family portraits that will be admired for years to come. 

This is such a special time to capture. Life is about to get a little busier for Lily and Florence. I know that becoming a mom for the very first time must be scary, but becoming a mom for two is going to be a big adjustment as well. New babies means new schedules, shared time, and double the love and cuddles. 

I love that we have these memories documented. They capture the unique short time in their family when Myles was an only child, but they are also celebrating the new life to come. This is important. These are the images that Myles and his brother are going to see hanging on the walls of their homes while growing up. These are the pictures that will have an imprint on them for years to come. This is their family legacy. These are the moments that are going to be shared at Lily and Florence’s 50 year wedding anniversary. That is why doing this job is so important to me. I get to grow with my couples and watch them blossom as we create family heirlooms that will be appreciated for generations.

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