Amanda and Andy

April 9, 2024

Amanda and Andy celebrated their autumn wedding at The Vineyards of Aquebogue, marking the culmination of a journey that began in high school. This gallery not only narrates their love story but also highlights the deep connections they share with their closest ones, making their wedding day even more memorable.

What captivates me the most about this collection is the overwhelming display of affection. It’s not just the love between Amanda and Andy that shines through; it’s also the warmth and support from their families, friends, and even their high school teachers. Despite Amanda’s mother’s absence, her presence was felt profoundly throughout the day. Her father transformed her mother’s engagement ring into a necklace for Amanda, a touching moment captured in the preparation photos. Moreover, Amanda’s bouquet featured a photograph of her mother, symbolically having her by their side as they walked down the aisle. A reserved seat at the ceremony and a candle lit in her honor ensured her spirit was with them throughout.

The bond between Amanda and her grandmother was another highlight, beautifully illustrated from their first look at The Preston House to the day’s end. Their relationship’s genuine emotions were a focal point of the gallery. Adding to the uniqueness of their day, Amanda and Andy’s high school Italian teacher, who witnessed the start of their story, officiated their ceremony this past September.

As you explore this gallery, you’ll encounter themes of love, family, and celebration that define Amanda and Andy’s wedding day.

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